Address consumers intention when selling online

E-commerce businesses spend a lot of time and money to find ways of getting customer attention and convincing them to make a purchase on their site. To understand how to sell, you need to look at the traditional selling technique to get the much needed inspiration to get the fundamentals right.

Let me put this in simple terms. A user who visits your website is like a customer walking into a store. Only difference, and also a big one I believe, is that he/she is not coming in to the store prepared for a purchase.

Shopping online give customers the freedom to –

• Shop with leisure and convenience

• Assess and discover the product or service of choice

• Just look around for attention grabbers

• Simply make up their mind about what to buy


Customer has his/her motivation to come to a website

Customer has his/her motivation to come to a website

Retailer need to address these complex needs of this invisible customer by providing infrastructure on the website that would –

• Help them look for a product

• Provide them information they need to make up their mind

• Assist them make up their mind

• Keep them engaged

• Assure (and reassure) them of a genuine sale

This mother lode of sales ammunition needs to be packaged into an experience that simulates a real experience of shopping in a store. This is the key to any good online retail store.


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