Google Buzz fumbles on usability

I expected Google to do well in providing intuitive applications but was surprised  when Buzz was released. A certain function had failed at multiple levels and that was somewhat shocking for what Buzz is intended to do.

I was pleasantly surprised by the new icon added in my gmail screen. Didn’t know what exactly google was offering me despite the hint of social networking with other gmail account holders on my Gmail’s e-mail application. But it was refreshing for a change. I added a few of a few new posts including comments, pictures from Flickr, google reader list and more. And then I notices something peculiar at the bottom of the screen. There was a link that said ‘load more…’. What was it suppose to load and what more was installed for me?

Google Buzz loading error

Google Buzz loading error

Turned out, it was a link to access older posts and archives. A way to surf through all the older posts and messages on your buzz screen. But then, i had no previous posts. And to add to my confusion, on clicking the links (‘load more …), out of curiosity, it changed to ‘loading …’ … but what?

So here are the usability concerns with the ‘load more …’ function.

  • It does not provide clarity on what to load.
  • The function is available irrespective of the context.
  • It does not provide system feedback on unavailability of any more data and stays in a continuous suspended state of ‘loading …’

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