I found Louis Rosenfeld on twitter and got to his blog. His article titled “An open letter to the User Experience Community” was something on my mind for quite some time but not structure to sound interesting anything else other than a rant. It felt good to read a perspective that was not uncommon, yet unspoken online.

What UPA did not realize is that they are looking away from a solid understanding of usability to get on to the hyped bandwagon of user experience. Usability had years of learning that had solidified into a robust, structured, scientific and research backed understanding that made it to the mainstream. User experience is a lot more fluid and perspective driven and has a long way to go before the interpretation changes to understanding and then to an applied science/art.

I do not understand or care about the politics of associations. But community is not a bunch of lambs willing to follow on command. They are intelligent people who sense problems just like they do in design scenarios and take decisions based on heuristics or gut feel or dip stick it at all it comes down to it. To abandon them or give them fogged vision will do nothing but scatter them and make a mess of coherence of voice of the community.

May be its bit too early to be so negative about this whole development. But when I look about for guidance in user experience science and art, I see randomness of practice that’s devoid of any affixation.


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