Easy is Hard
– Peter Lewis

You can look at this in several context. I see it from the point of view of a experience. What experience am I talking about? Well, it could be experience of a product, service, design, strategy, execution or technology.

“easy is hard. Hard is easy” meaning, it is easy to make something that is hard to use. It is much harder to make something that is easy to use.

“Avoid asking customers what they want” | William Brown

When designing a product, you have to consider your customers and design solutions to their problems and not ask them for solutions. When developing a strategy, if you can explain it with ease, it will be executed well. If not, then you better be prepared to face risks. Complexity of your business engineering should translate into a simplified solution. Your end customers are busy tackling their own problems, don’t add to it. 

All said, everyone know how difficult it is to make something easy. Thats the point. But the benefit of have made something easy is in the way the customer reacts to a satisfying experience. Now I don’t have to tell you the benefit of having a happy customer, do I?

“If you like the quote, do share it with other. Tweet it, blog it, speak about it, do anything that would make it meaningful or at least try and be meaningful to others. Just remember not to quote it for the sake of being ‘interesting’. I don’t think the person who said it, meant it to be just a mundane set of coherent words.

Quotes live on because they are powerful and help us make sense of our actions, situations, decisions and sometimes our life at large.”


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