Oh! I forgot to add the save button.

Forgotten save button

Save, a ‘taken for granted’ feature?

Have you even paused to think about the ‘Save’ button on Microsoft Word? Its located right on the top next to the application icon along with its minions undo and redo.

The ‘Save’ button is not misplaced. Its been made to be there intentionally.

Of all the features, save is the most basic and primary feature that any editing software would have. Then why-o-why is it being left out of the ribbon like a punished school kid being made to stand in the corner of the class? 

The save button is located on the application bar along with other back benchers ‘undo’ and ‘redo’. No body cares about those two, but ‘save’? Why him? He is like the class monitor. Forget him and you have a class in chaos. Think about it.

The logic behind the ‘save’ location might have made sense when Word was redesigned with the ribbon UI in mind. Users might have found it hard to locate it if they were tabbing around. So a permanent fixture was needed which made them see it “right there”. But for all those who know how to use a PC, Ctrl+S is the first shortcut you learn other than F1 perhaps. Use of a mouse click to save a document becomes rather redundant.

Touch devices have brought back the attention towards a click (tap) once again. Windows RT has Office 2013 and no physical keyboard to work with. This brings the ‘Save’ icon back into the spotlight, I believe. With today’s technology and touch interaction, the way a ‘Save’ button has been positioned just does not make any sense.

  • The icon is small.
  • It’s in a corner next to the application icon and ‘undo’ icon.
  • It’s at top where there is a clutter of sort with so many action items.

Why am I cribbing? It’s because Microsoft seems to have left this design as it is even in Office 2013. Its like, their design team seem to have forgotten about this critical function or perhaps are not showing enough love for it. WTH!

I hope you get my point.


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