Surprising effects of hard to read fonts

You all probably know the benefits of easy to read fonts, right? Its intuitive, gets you relaxed and makes the reading experience smooth and effortless in some way. Watch this video about the psychological effect difficult to read fonts by Dr. Susan Weinschenk.You will be surprised.

As mention by Dr. Weinschenk, it does not conclude anything specific here. But sometimes it makes sense to make the user put in some attention to what her/she is reading just to sharpen the focus of the brain at the task at hand. Think about it.

Small experiment to try out:

Try and read this greeting card.

A Christmas Greeting Card

A Christmas greeting card

Here are some questions for you to think over:

  • Were you casually reading it or had to put in a little bit of effort in getting the message decoded in you brain?
  • Do you recall the message? If yes, how well do you recollect it?
  • If you tried to read it casually, would you have gotten the message or would you just recollect ‘Merry Christmas’ only?

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