What professionals think about Windows 8

Windows 8 on different platforms

Windows creating an ecosystem to adapt on various platform

Windows 8 was launched with a new hope for Microsoft and the reaction was mixed. Many people loved it but then they were equally confused about what Microsoft was trying to do to the new operating system.

Those who hate it have compared it with the appriach taken by A.O.L years back with tiles UI which had failed miserably for the business. Others have disected the operating system bit by bit and criticed it on sites, blogs and the likes.

How does the average user react to Windows 8? Well, I am sure there are plenty of surveys out there giving you a sneak peak of things to come for Microsoft. I for one believe, its a new begining for the operating system. Its flawed, but a good start non the less.

I came across this survey (See image below) on LinkedIn some time back. The question was simple. Which device would you want to see the operating system on? Laptop, desktop, tablet or mobile phone. My first reaction to Windows 8 had been that it was just not meant for the non-touch devices. The survey proved me wrong. Majority of the users were absolutely fine with the OS driving their laptops and desktops as much as they would like to see it on a tablet or a smart phone.

Windows 8 User Poll

What working professionals think about Windows 8 platform

All I can say about Windows 8 is that if Microsoft gets their act together, they will evolved the OS to become a operating system and an ecosystem that morphs with your device. The user response, if it means anything, shows that people are accepting the new operating system.

What works for Windows 8?
Its a fresh experience combined with a mature one.
It opens the doors for a Microsoft ecosystem to be built on. And Microsoft is keeping its control on it.
The introductory pricing has done wonders for the operating system adoption by Windows users.
People are taking positively about the OS.

Windows 8 treads a risky path
The tile concept has failed for A.O.L in the past.
Switching between the title UI and the traditional UI is confusing and distracting at times.
Not enough apps in the Microsoft store. Failure of the App store would spell doom for the OS.
There is a definite learning curve for users.
Non-touch tile experience is not as exciting as touch experience.
The OS misses the start button. Its an action that has been cultivated as a behavior in users. To drop it all together seems to be an insane act by Microsoft.


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