Quote [Albert Einstein]

Albert Einstein Quote

Albert Einstein Quote on Knowledge 

If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.

[Albert Einstein]

This statement has such an profound implication in life that one can write about it in every sphere of life. For my it matters a lot in Business and Design. We all experience situations when we have to explain or convince people about our ideas, views, solutions and strategies. Sometimes, simple communication requires demonstration of command over the subject matter of conversation as much as it matter to have self confidence. Thin air talks are easily spotted and half baked arguments just don’t break the ice.

Know what you speak about or know where to draw the line so that you don’t claim the horizon.

“If you like the quote, do share it with other. Tweet it, blog it, speak about it, do anything that would make it meaningful or at least try and be meaningful to others. Just remember not to quote it for the sake of being ‘interesting’. I don’t think the person who said it, meant it to be just a mundane set of coherent words.

Quotes live on because they are powerful and help us make sense of our actions, situations, decisions and sometimes our life at large.”


6 thoughts on “Quote [Albert Einstein]

    • Its quite possible. But I think in such situations, its better to be elemental and allow the other people add their own personality to it and imagine. Say, you see a scenic sunset. You could describe it as magical. Allow the other person to interpret it instead of explaining why it was magical and not another ordinary sunset … trying to explain specifics of your emotion, time and space might be a buzz kill of sort.

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