LG and Motorola are back in the game.

Motorola's Moto X Android Smart Phone

Motorola’s Moto X Android Smart Phone

It seemed that Apple and Samsung were the only two big players in the market that were at the top of their game. People anticipated new product launched by them with excitement and rumor mills. The galaxy lineup and the iPhone series are followed by consumers and tech experts for the next big innovation. Nokia is playing catch up, with a handicap namely Microsoft. Blackberry, with its flawed vision for an operating system seems to be heading no where. The rest, it seemed, were at the bottom of the game. There seemed to be no challenger to the two giants. So it seemed.

This year has been great for many reasons.

Firstly, the Android operating system has evolved into something beautiful. Its user experience is at part with iOS and perhaps even better. With an evolved user base, they can now take the risk of having gestures control the OS other than the on screen buttons.

Secondly, hardware has gotten better with time. The next generation phones will have a default 2 Gb of RAM to run the apps. And with dedicated processors for graphics and quad core power, the Android operating system is feeling more snappier.

Thirdly, Google challenging its OEM’s with the nexus line up seems to have worked. Hardware manufacturers seem to be innovating and introducing unique features to make their product look unique and competitive in the market.

It turns out, two players are challenging the market leaders as we head into the second half of 2013 – Motorola and LG.

Motorola Story
Motorola has been in doldrums for quite some time. Google’s acquisition of this iconic company seems to have helped it survive but not evolve into a market leader in hardware excellence. So it seemed. Last years Razr series of phones showed sparks of innovation that attracted customers. But fewer iterations and product lines meant it was ignored very quickly by the market.

Google seems to have made some major changes in Motorola as the new line of products that they are planning to introduce in the market are bursting with innovative features that is gong to make Android the undisputed giant in the mobile platform battle. The Droid lineup has been totally revamped. The new lineup includes the Maxx, Ultra, Mini and the much hyped Moto X. Some key highlights of that have caught everyones imagination are –

  • Premium and user customizable phones
  • Beefed up hardware
  • Quicker OS updates
  • Dedicated cores for specific activities – like graphics, linguistics, app performance etc.
  • Excellent batter life
  • Customized user experience

LG G2 Smart Phone – Learning from you

LG Story
Here is another Korean manufacturer that is capable of designing good quality phones, yet they were no where near Samsungs success. Post the Nexus 4, LG seems to have hit the sweet spot of product design. While the Optimus G and the G Pro were widely review for their good quality and feature pack. The upcoming G2 has been raved by the critics and users alike for the fresh innovation that LG is bring to the Android smart phone market. It seems to have stopped playing the follower in this game. LG claims to be “Learning for you”, and they seem to be doing a lot of listening. I just hope they do well and their products come out successful in the market. Some highlights of the new G2 include –

  • Ergonomic volume and power keys at the back of the phone
  • A vivid full HD IPS display
  • Optical Image stabilization and multi point focus
  • Long lasting batter with stamina mode
  • LG software that enhance the phones audio and video features
  • Customized Android for better utilization of the 5 inch display

Those planning on upgrading their handsets should try and hold back till the end of the year. The next generation smartphone are around the corner and the competition has just got interesting.


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