Make failure your tool

Failure as a Tool

Failure as a Tool

Found this interesting sketched diagram explaining failure as a tool. Its an intuitive mind map, of sort, addressing learning, growth, innovation, strategy and success. To fail is to learn. To learn you need to attempt at taking risk. To take risk you need to do try to do something that others still have not attempted to try and make it work. Its all interconnected.

Fear of failure is the biggest outcome that we as professionals dread. Its this fear that stagnantes us from attempting what other do. This risk appetite is what separates the leader from the follower, the genius from the masses and the progressive from the conformist.

Watch Vinod Khosla talk about failure. Inspiring!

As mentioned in the presentation by Vinod Khosla, “Fail well … and fail often …”

Image & Video [copyright] : Khosla Ventures

PS: Please do watch another video titled “Failing to succeed (Harker research symposium) ” at . I am unable to embed this video into the article, so here’s the link.



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