How stories help build a experience

Every product has a experience to offer. Be it a software or a hardware product. People dealing with industrial design will know better. Even the service industry has customer experience as the fulcrum of their service design. So, why then is it that software should be any different? Its used by people and they can be for personal consumption or business or exerprise objectives. What ever the purpose, there is a value proposition that the software offers to the user.

So how does one go about building a good experience for their product? The answer is actually quite simple in essense. Give them value proposition and a feeling that it was made keeping them in mind.

Value proposition
So what is valued by the user? There are various possible values that you can deliver.

  • product features
  • user experience
  • aesthetics
  • intuitiveness
  • effective delivery

Tailor-made for them
This is the icing on the cake. And this is where your product design tells a story. Remember the stories your mother or grandmother told you when you were a kid. Remember your excitement even when the same story got repeated again and again. why was it so? the story had the same ending, the moral was the same and the person telling you the story was also the same. But the experience that you got from listening to the story never diminished in excitement or intrigue. That is the highlight of a good expeirence.

Anybody can tell a story, but the intersting ones are those which cater to some intrinsic user desires.

  • To feel specially created for you.
  • To understand your context
  • To excite you and make it fun
  • You are the focus (not the product itself)
  • Be responsive to your actions and intuitive to your cognition
  • Engages you and allows you to express
Droid Moto X

Giving user the control.

Remember, you product too tells a story. It speaks volumes about you as a company, your brand, your passion and you desire to be customer centric. Realize this and you will know what stories to build.


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