Microsoft Windows 8 update 3 – preparing for phablets and more

Microsoft will be updating the Windows 8 operating system soon and it will be getting better and all set for phablets. It might take a while since its just initiated the developer release program to allow the developer community and enthusiasts to experience what Microsoft would be bringing on board with the new update to the operating system.

WPCentral released this video where they installed and previewed the operating system build shared in the developer release. Its not a major overhaul but some of the changes are subtle and improving on the features and user experience in a positive way.

Here are top 5 highlights of the change in user experience that one can anticipate –

1. Application closure in preview carousal: On long tap of the ‘back’ button, you can not only view the running applications, but also close them without access them.

2. Drive mode: The drive mode along with bluetooth can be programmed to swtich the phone automatically to call only, auto reply or any other setting for safe driving without handling the phone. Once you set your external bluetooth device (say, the hands free device in you car), whenever you get into your car, the phone will automatically disable texting and/or auto reply to any incoming call. This is a very handy feature to be introduced by Microsoft.

3. Manage the phone storage: Finally, you can delete data on your phone or preview how much memory is being consumed by apps and media on your device. Best of all, you can clear temporary files from your internet explorer browser.

4. Ease of access: Some tweaks have been made to the accessibility of the phone to make it much more accessible to the differently abled folks.

5. Tile display: Though not specifically explained, the tiles can now carry the date, time and calendar event tile too. Not more will it be accessible only on the locked screen.

Watch the demo of the Windows 8 Update 3 below. Its been posted by WPCentral and the article was Sam Sabri.


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