A professional with over 15 years of experience in visual design, usability and user experience, I have been passionately pursuing a better understanding of human machine interaction.

Career Objective

To pursue a career in user experience management for Business and Commerce with focus on Enterprise, Online, Mobility and Social platforms.  I focus on creating strategic design solutions that captivate, engage, convert and satisfy the end users with a compelling customer experience.


Designing User Experience
In-depth application of knowledge and expertise in core aspects of design creation for the last 15 year.  The journey has taken me through commerce, enterprise & software and mobility space. Along the way I have absorbed and expanded my core skills and demonstrated capabilities that have had a strong tilt towards understanding expectations and needs. Designing the experience is where it all has converged for me.

Managing People and Teams
Experience in developing and managing in-house design, usability and user experience teams. Collaborating with cross functional teams that involve business stakeholders, product team, engineering, marketing, CRM, creative team, vendors and partners.

Strategy and Innovation
In my last two positions, I have had the opportunity to position usability and user experience as a strategic offering in my organization. This allowed sustainability and growth of the practice and a stakeholder buy-in to leverage software and product experience as a core offering. It also provided innovative solution to process design and product design with new features and frameworks.

Current Role

I am s Senior Manager for User Experience at Pvt. Ltd.  I previously was the head of usability practice at Syntel India Ltd.

My C.V

Write to me or visit my LinkedIn account to view my complete profile.
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