Olay Regenerist, Pixel (im)perfect

Came across this product advertisement which got me to utter, “you got to be kidding me”. The brand is Olay and the product they are advertising is called Regenerist Wrinkle Revolution Complex. The model for the ad in India is an actress and probably brand ambassador, Madhuri Dixit. She is 45 years old and a perfect person to be talking about the benefit of the product which takes care of aging skin. How? I am not sure but that was not the point. I was quite shocked at the level of … umm … touch-up they had done to her face to hide the aging.

Now, color correction and touch-ups are common in advertising campaigns. And this is after layering the model with cosmetics that make you wonder what tone her skin color really is. But when you have something of a Photoshop disaster (not sure what you use to do that for video), you not only compromise the credibility of the product, but also the brand in general.

here is the advertisement.

Here is a picture of Madhuri Dixit from a recent public appearance for a little comparison.

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Understanding Marketing In A Minute

Elephant of Surprise - Marketing, Understanding

Copyright Nathan Hale (http://hazardoustales.blogspot.in/)

If the circus is coming to town and you paint a sign saying, “Circus is coming to Fairgrounds Sunday,” that’s Advertising.

If you put the sign on the back of an elephant and walk him through town, that’s a Promotion.

If the elephant walks through the Mayor’s flower bed, that’s Publicity.

If you can get the Mayor to laugh about it, that’s Public Relations.

And, if you planned the whole thing, that’s Marketing!

OLX does it again with a spot-on campaign.

If you saw the new OLX TV commercial recently, you would have loved it. The good thing about this ad is that it has a good brand recall value and its targeting the right customer segment with a precise stimulus and a sense of humor.

Good job done OLX.

The previous series were good too at the recall front, which was good. But the call to action for this was not that great. To add to it, the ad campaign was a redux of OLX South Africa’s OLX ad campaign. The ad execution there was great. But something was missing. Bit in the current ad though.

Its interesting how advertisement can catapult your brand ahead of competition by garnering attention. How OLX would be able to capatalize on this is another story which we will have to wait and watch. Hope they are able to pull it off.