Surprising effects of hard to read fonts

You all probably know the benefits of easy to read fonts, right? Its intuitive, gets you relaxed and makes the reading experience smooth and effortless in some way. Watch this video about the psychological effect difficult to read fonts by Dr. Susan Weinschenk.You will be surprised.

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Ideogram of a Play button (Part 1)


Cassette player was among the original devices that motivate the design of symbols that we are now so use to in modern media players.

We all use the media player controls to listen songs and watch videos and movies. We have taken the symbols for granted in our subconscious mind. Each icon represents certian action and we do not need to be told what it means, to a point that most players do not even explain the meaning of the symbol.

But I felt the need to look back at the origin of these symbols. More rightly put, pictograms. So what are pictograms? they are pictorial resemblance of physical objects (Wikipedia). But then, there are no physical objects that get signified here. Correct, actually they are ideograms, which are graphical symbols that represent an idea or a concept (wikipedia). Thats more like it. So now to figure out the concept that gets its representation in the symbols that we so frequently mention as icons.  Continue reading