7 things that deliver an agile user experience

Agile design is what everyone seems to go for and yet is always an challenge. This video focuses on 7 things to deliver a quicker, easier user experience. Its been presented by Kyrie Robinson of Silicon Valley Product Group. Enjoy this video insight.


Ridiculousness of the one-click shopping

Ridiculousness of the one-click shopping

Amazon One-Click shopping is absurd to say the least

It just occurred to me that the epitome of an online shopping experience should be the ability for a user to shop for a product with just one click. But then its not the case (mostly) because of a certain patent that Amazon has over this idea. In fact the patent extends from shopping cart to the name one-click.

This case simply highlights the absurdity of the patent regime in the US. How can a user task flow be patented? e-Commerce Shopping cart optimization is the most obvious one that any business or usability analyst would come up with. Perhaps every online retailer had a simplified process on their mind. It’s probably Amazon who thought of patenting it. And with that, create problem for other retailers in providing similar benefits to its customers. Continue reading