Looking Back At The Samsung and Apple tussle


Apple vs Samsung

This is a old unpublished article from 2013 that I am publishing in 2018. I think the topic is still relevant and I would like to share it with you all just to get your comments on the same.  Continue reading


Some Evaluation and Rant About Windows 8

This video is from a channel on YouTube called Blogphilofilms. It tries to make a cirical evaluation of the pain points of Windows 8. If you look at it from a usability perspective, there are points that get highlighted that are spot on. But, missing out on the balance view, it ends up sounding like a rant. But, never the less, it does have a point to make about the new Microsoft OS.

Bottomline: An Operating System should facilitate a users enjoy the device and the applications that a user would like to use and perform tasks. When engaging with the operating system itself becomes a task, then it is a problem. As simple as that.

What professionals think about Windows 8

Windows 8 on different platforms

Windows creating an ecosystem to adapt on various platform

Windows 8 was launched with a new hope for Microsoft and the reaction was mixed. Many people loved it but then they were equally confused about what Microsoft was trying to do to the new operating system.

Those who hate it have compared it with the appriach taken by A.O.L years back with tiles UI which had failed miserably for the business. Others have disected the operating system bit by bit and criticed it on sites, blogs and the likes.

How does the average user react to Windows 8? Well, I am sure there are plenty of surveys out there giving you a sneak peak of things to come for Microsoft. I for one believe, its a new begining for the operating system. Its flawed, but a good start non the less.

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Switch on or move on: Decline of the Desktop market

Over the last few years, one has seen the desktop sales drop significantly. This is a trend that has gone on unabated and there seems to be a steady decline. Will it recover or will it reach a plateau and reach an equilibrium?

Switch on or move on

The future of desktop

The answer lies in looking at the consumers and their behavior. I for one do not believe we have to looks at stats to understand changes. Stats can verify changes but sensing them is to go through a rational and objective thinking and making a logical conclusion. You may say its a hypothesis for starters. let the market prove or disprove your claim. This exercise is inevitable and bound create a learning.

There is a PC on my desktop
PC has been used for a lot of reasons by different kinds of people. Some use them for surfing the internet, some for working on files and documents. While other would probably be using it for personal entertainment like audio, video and games.

PC was the sole device which catered to a lot of activities like home entertainment, infotainment and professional needs. The desire for a new PC was more driven by the cutting edge technology that made PC’s faster and better than what they already were. So came the Pentiums, Xenons, Celerons and what not. A faster machine, a better capacity, a quite experience or a workhorse, think of any wish list, there was something out there suitable for different user needs. Laptops were slowly becoming inexpensive with lowered cost and people started switching from PC’s to Laptops. Laptops were getting slicker, lighter, better and came in all kinds of sizes. Things were going good till now but not for long. A disruption was around the corner.  Continue reading

Starbucks and the battle of the bean

Battle of the bean

Starbucks enters the Indian Coffee Chain industry

Starbucks launched its first two outlets in India in partnership with the Tata Group with much fanfare. And why not? It’s the most cherished coffee shop brand the world over. So what does it mean for Starbucks, the coffee chains in the market and the consumers?

Starbucks has been known for its amazing flavors of coffee in both hot and cold drinks segment. The entire experience of going to their coffee shop is something people mention in literature, conversations and FourSquare check-in’s. But in India, they have just been stories being told by travellers and nothing more. Yet, they had a reputation of being a high-end coffee shop to go to for the best coffee experience. Continue reading

Oh! I forgot to add the save button.

Forgotten save button

Save, a ‘taken for granted’ feature?

Have you even paused to think about the ‘Save’ button on Microsoft Word? Its located right on the top next to the application icon along with its minions undo and redo.

The ‘Save’ button is not misplaced. Its been made to be there intentionally.

Of all the features, save is the most basic and primary feature that any editing software would have. Then why-o-why is it being left out of the ribbon like a punished school kid being made to stand in the corner of the class?  Continue reading

Apple iPad mini is a boon for consumers of 7 inch tablets

Samsung, Sony, Amazon, Apple and many more have 7 inch tablets in the offerings

Samsung, Sony, Amazon, Apple and many more have 7 inch tablets in the offerings

How many of you out there want to own a 7 inch tablet? Probably quite a few I am guessing. Most of us look at alternatives ranging from international brands like a lot of Indian brands. In the international segment, I can think of Samsung with its Galaxy Tab and Amazon with its Kindle Fire. Then there is Google with its Nexus too. But when you start exploring the local and Chinese market, things start getting really crowded.

Apple, a late entrant to the 7 inch tablet space just released the iPad mini. Now I am sure there would be a lot of people dissecting this device for its pro’s and con’s. But end of the day, the benchmark for the 7 inch tablet has just moved from the Galaxy Tab to the iPad mini.

What has caught my imagination is the fact that the pricing for this premium product is so damn competitive. And Apple has good reasons to do so.

What it means for consumers like us is that the other manufacturers will follow suite and either crank up the specs of their tabs or lower the prices even further or probably do both.

Consumers are doing to benefit from this slug fest and it is just about to get bigger. Coming to think of it, I also suspect that iPad might end up cannibalizing a lot of the competition in the coming few years. Unless they strike back with some radical strategy to give it back to the behemoth that Apple is in the tablet and smartphone space.