Bollywood Hungama Windows 8 Desktop App

Bollywood Hungama Windows 8 App

Bollywood Hungama Windows 8 Desktop App with Live Tiles

Bollywood Hungama is a definitive portal for everything Bollywood. Uses get their daily dose of Movie info, reviews, updates, party pics, news, reviews and a lot more. Fans of Bollywood get the best info and media related to their favorite stars and actors.

Getting the experience on Windows desktop needed a new approach to experience that was fresh and attuned to the Windows 8 tile based touch/gesture friendly experience. The objective to deign the app was very simple … be relevant, definitive and the best in giving the users a Bollywood experience.

Highlights of the App

  • Visual, minimalistic and immersive experience
  • Informative, yet every visual experience of Movie information
  • Promotions, Trailers, Posters, Launches and Party pics, and more
  • Live Tiles with updates of the latest Bollywood news
  • Free Streaming of the latest Bollywood music
  • Stunning Artist profile hub
  • Easy sharing of content through social platforms

Some of the key challenges in building this app were in getting the content architecture for the app. The web portal caters to a variety of users including celeb fans, movie lovers and Bollywood trade pundits. The be able to keep the app relevant to the broad spectrum of user preferences was in itself a huge challenge.

Keeping the Hungama branding energized across its presence in the mobility space was also a key consideration. Being relevant and engaging to its existing users and gain acceptance of new users was also of utmost consideration.

Bollywood Hungama App is quite extensive in its content offering. Yet, we were able to keep it simplistic and yet refreshingly current and relevant. Deep linking of content allows for user to reach through to the content at a single click/tap. The gesture based navigation provides for a flowing experience with a visually rich screen interface. The growing number of users, reviews and engagement numbers are testament to the growing base of users on the Windows 8 platform for our app. Stay tuned for more of Bollywood related Hungama.


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