Hungama Music App (Windows Phones)

Hungama Windows Phone App

Windows as a platform is unique with its own definite user experience and challenges. To integrate Hungama services into this ecosystem was a challenge we took on. The mobile app for Windows handsets was the first step in getting the windows users a taste of Hungama’s online music service.

Highlights of the app

  • Free music streaming from over 22 languages and several musical genres.
  • Live tiles
  • Mood based music discovery
  • Music Videos
  • Deep social engagement and activity streaming
  • Gamification and Redemption
  • Live radio channels and over 22,000 artist radio channels
  • Personalized user content


Some of the challenges in representing features inbuilt in the app included the experience of discovery and the music player. Windows has a hierarchical experience and to be able to provide a music player to the user at will through a single gesture was unique offering to the windows users. Windows API’s are evolving at a rapid pace and its a challenge to keep up with them and ensure that your app too can make the best out of it. Its an ongoing and exciting experience as a app experience designer.


Despite being a feature loaded service, the initiation of the new Hungama music experience was able to integrate most of the services in the new release. If user rating and comments were anything to go by, the app launch for the windows community was a success.  Looking forward to future builds and feature enhancements on the app.

Download the app

windows store


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