Being Cross Cultural In A Global Economy

Being Cross Cultural In A Global Economy

One of the offshoots of being global in our business, in today world, is that we have infused cross-cultural paradigm into the manner in which we do business globally. But have businesses been successful in handling these cultural cross overs or are there challenges which have been overlooked, if not ignore?

Here is an interesting conversation on HBR podcast with Erin Meyer.

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Does Skeuomorphic Design Matter? | UX Magazine

Skeuomorphs and Affordances

Since the introduction of iOS 7, the blogosphere has been alive with debate on Apple’s departure from skeuomorphism—the yellow lined legal pad of Notes, the leather bound folio of Calendar. We are now deeply mired in a flat vs. skeuomorphic debate that reduces skeuomorphism to coddling kitsch and equates flat design with high-modernism. Both sides have missed the point.

Skeuomorphs in design aren’t useless decoration, but contextual clues. Like design metaphor they are the visual equivalent of figurative language—enabling designers to quickly tap into shared cultural understandings and convey complex meanings in a straightforward way. They work as a new kind of affordance, one that communicates not function but identity.

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