Taking To Social Media And Addressed Social Issues In Japan



Social Media is a very powerful tool. We all know that. We have all seen and experienced how it has transformed business, politics, entertainment and a lot more. So, if you believe there is something that can be addressed using the social platform, so can you.

In Japan, Yaocho, a local bar chain wanted to address the problem of sleeping drunk. Men and women who had low alcohol tolerance ended up getting so drunk that they use to pass out on the streets. This is quite commonly visible in Japan and it was a problem of responsible drinking. Yaocho wanted its patrons to be more responsible. So, they took to social media in a very risky yet clever campaign. Watch the video, its funny, clever, ingenious and a positive take on social shaming, i think. I am not sure if other societies would be as accommodating to such a concept, but if the intention is genuine and executed with clarity, why not.