LG and Motorola are back in the game.

Motorola's Moto X Android Smart Phone

Motorola’s Moto X Android Smart Phone

It seemed that Apple and Samsung were the only two big players in the market that were at the top of their game. People anticipated new product launched by them with excitement and rumor mills. The galaxy lineup and the iPhone series are followed by consumers and tech experts for the next big innovation. Nokia is playing catch up, with a handicap namely Microsoft. Blackberry, with its flawed vision for an operating system seems to be heading no where. The rest, it seemed, were at the bottom of the game. There seemed to be no challenger to the two giants. So it seemed.

This year has been great for many reasons.

Firstly, the Android operating system has evolved into something beautiful. Its user experience is at part with iOS and perhaps even better. With an evolved user base, they can now take the risk of having gestures control the OS other than the on screen buttons.

Secondly, hardware has gotten better with time. The next generation phones will have a default 2 Gb of RAM to run the apps. And with dedicated processors for graphics and quad core power, the Android operating system is feeling more snappier.

Thirdly, Google challenging its OEM’s with the nexus line up seems to have worked. Hardware manufacturers seem to be innovating and introducing unique features to make their product look unique and competitive in the market.

It turns out, two players are challenging the market leaders as we head into the second half of 2013 – Motorola and LG.

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Switch on or move on: Decline of the Desktop market

Over the last few years, one has seen the desktop sales drop significantly. This is a trend that has gone on unabated and there seems to be a steady decline. Will it recover or will it reach a plateau and reach an equilibrium?

Switch on or move on

The future of desktop

The answer lies in looking at the consumers and their behavior. I for one do not believe we have to looks at stats to understand changes. Stats can verify changes but sensing them is to go through a rational and objective thinking and making a logical conclusion. You may say its a hypothesis for starters. let the market prove or disprove your claim. This exercise is inevitable and bound create a learning.

There is a PC on my desktop
PC has been used for a lot of reasons by different kinds of people. Some use them for surfing the internet, some for working on files and documents. While other would probably be using it for personal entertainment like audio, video and games.

PC was the sole device which catered to a lot of activities like home entertainment, infotainment and professional needs. The desire for a new PC was more driven by the cutting edge technology that made PC’s faster and better than what they already were. So came the Pentiums, Xenons, Celerons and what not. A faster machine, a better capacity, a quite experience or a workhorse, think of any wish list, there was something out there suitable for different user needs. Laptops were slowly becoming inexpensive with lowered cost and people started switching from PC’s to Laptops. Laptops were getting slicker, lighter, better and came in all kinds of sizes. Things were going good till now but not for long. A disruption was around the corner.  Continue reading